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Purified Water

We at AquaZone take care of your health by providing you with the best tasting water.

Our state of the art processing facility removes all the contaminants from the water and that results into the fresh taste. (Explained Below):

Our process consists of 11 steps of filteration, including three times "Reverse Osmosis". Firstly, the regular city water goes through several prefilters to remove sediments down to 1 micron. Then, the water goes through several other steps where we remove chlorine and other contaminants. After that, the water goes through three Reverse Osmosis membranes, which remove: micro-organisms, bacteria, volatile gases, and any other pollution. This process results in fresh tasting and clean water.

We offer three options :

Fill: Bring your own bottle (or we supply a bottle for a $10) and we will fill it up for you after a quick rinse with ozone rich water.

Pickup/Exchange: Bring your empty bottles and pickup the clean, sterilized, pre-filled bottles. A good time saver.

Delivery: We also deliver the same great water right to your door at your convenience.

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